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How To Buy A Used Car in Pittsburgh


1)    Figure out what type of car best suits your needs.  Although you may have always dreamed of owning an exotic sports car, practical considerations may not make this the best type of vehicle for you.  If you have a family, you would be better off with a roomy family sedan; or, if you have a large family, you may need a 7 passengers SUV or mini-van to accommodate everyone.  Pittsburgh also can have tough winters, so if you live on top of one of its many steep hills or cobble-stone streets, consider a 4 wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle.  Finally if you drive a lot and are on a tight budget, a vehicle’s gas mileage is more important than if you only drive short distances.  Used Car World of West Liberty has a large selection and variety of vehicles to suit almost any of your vehicle needs.


2)    Make a budget and determine how much you can afford to spend on a vehicle.  Life is full of expenses, including housing, utilities, food, health care, and transportation.  Making a budget that lists your income and expenses is the best way to determine how much you can afford to spend on a used car.  After all your other expenses are paid, see how much is left over for your vehicle payments, gas, and vehicle maintenance and repair.  Even the best vehicle needs routine maintenance, including oil changes, brakes, exhaust, etc. and this should be included in your budget to ensure a happy vehicle ownership experience.  Used Car World and its lenders will work hard to ensure that your vehicle payments will fit your budget.


3)    Locate pre-owned vehicles for sale in your area.  Now you’re ready to locate pre-owned vehicles that suit your needs and your budget.  It can be challenging shopping for a car online.  Many dealerships have very little information about their cars listed on their website.  They may also have very few pictures of the vehicle available or pictures that are small and hard to see.  Used Car World of West Liberty prides itself on listing as much information about a vehicle as practical and having multiple exterior and interior pictures of every vehicle available for you to view from the comfort of your home or office.  We do the work so you don’t have to, making your car selection process care-free and easy.


4)    Make sure the vehicles you are looking at have a current Pennsylvania State Emissions and Safety Inspection.  Fortunately Pennsylvania has one of the county’s most rigorous state inspection policies and procedures to ensure that vehicles on the road are safe.  At Used Car World of West Liberty we go the extra mile to make sure that all our vehicles have current PA emissions and safety inspection completed prior to the sale.  You take your family’s safety seriously and so do we.   We partner with an independent network of Pennsylvania State Licensed motor vehicle repair facilities to service and inspect all our vehicles before we put them on our lot.  Finally, remember Pennsylvania’s strict vehicle inspection laws before driving hours to view that “incredible deal” on vehicles in other states.  That “great deal” may not be so great when you take your vehicle to get inspected in Pennsylvania.


5)    Check the vehicle’s history report.  A car can be maintained and inspected but still have had problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye.  That’s why Used Car World of West Liberty has chosen to be a Carfax Advantage Dealer and offers a free Carfax report on every vehicle in our inventory.  The Carfax vehicle history report is an important tool to determine if a used vehicle has an open recall or has previously been involved in a serious collision that damaged its frame or drivetrain.  It can also list prior ownership, repair and maintenance history.  This information is extremely helpful in selecting a quality pre-owned vehicle which is why Used Car World if proud to be a Carfax Advantage Dealer.


6)    Contact dealers and make an appointment to view and drive the vehicle. Now that you’ve narrowed your list to cars that meet your needs and budget, are inspected and have a favorable history report, it’s time to go see and drive the vehicles you’ve selected.  Avoid any dealer that discourages test drives.  Used Car World of West Liberty encourages prospective customers to test drive its vehicles to ensure a satisfactory buying experience.


7)    Close the deal.  Once you found the right vehicle for you and your family it’s time to close the deal.  Negotiate the best deal possible with your salesperson.   You also need to make sure you have insurance for the car you just bought before you drive it away.  Review the dealership sales contract thoroughly.  It lists the cost of the vehicle, a documentation fee, sales tax and license fees.  Also, the salesperson may try to sell you a number of additional items such as an additional warranty, anti-theft devices, prepaid service plans or fabric protection. Some people want the peace of mind that comes with extended warranties, so this is something you might want to consider.  Used Car World of West Liberty does not sell any “add-ons” except extended warranties, which offer additional protection against unforeseen mechanical breakdowns.